Ed Sheeran’s new album ‘Divide’ leaves no question about it – the guy loves Ireland! Ed zoned in on Co. Galway and honestly, we aren’t surprised. Galway is a must-see destination featured across our join a group tours so check out its top 5 spots and consider how to plan your next vacation… 

1) Connemara

Oscar Wilde put it fittingly when he said ‘Connemara is a savage beauty’. Located just west from Galway City, the Connemara region is a real emerald of Ireland producing unforgettable experiences for many. Thanks in equal parts to the diversity of the landscape and the people who populate it, a region this proud of its natural beauty can only be justified with a visit…

2) The Latin Quarter

Artistic and bohemian Galway has an ambiance all of its own and this infectiously relaxing atmosphere is evident in a city corner renowned as a hub of culture and creativity. A short walk from Eyre Square, the Latin Quarter buzzes all day long with buskers, boutiques, artisan food, fresh flowers, cool coffee, and historic pubs. It’s apparently ‘where Galway comes alive’ and its not surprising – you need experience it…

3) Galway Cathedral

Even if you tend not to lose your marbles over sacred structures, Galway Cathedral may just be the exception. Just as impressive on the outside as it is on the inside, the imposing stone exterior balances the regal Connemara Marble sourced flooring. Find this striking and most recently built great European stone cathedral, on the banks of River Corrib…

4) Salthill Promenade

Don’t miss walking along the 2km-long seaside promenade which takes you from Galway City to the stunningly located Salthill. Give yourself 40 minutes from town or catch the bus from Eyre Square and take in views of Galway Bay, whose evident beauty has inspired many to name drop the bay in too many songs to mention…

5) Quay Street

Unmissable by location and rightly so, iconic Quay Street in the town center is the spot to find those traditional pubs, hear live music and enjoy world renowned dishes. Here, Galway’s reputation for first class hospitality and endearing local characters shines as brightly as the charming rainbow-colored street…I mean when in Galway right?

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