Our work with the Ulster Historical Foundation has been the perfect excuse to brush up on the Scots-Irish.  After months of research, we are proud of our upcoming Discover Scots-Irish Tour and we are so excited to help you connect with your ancestry through the histories stories, the lessons learned and the memorable experiences this tour promises.

Delving deeper into our itinerary, we look at four stops on the tour which would also make the perfect visit for a Scots-Irish wanting to have a day well spent in Northern Ireland…

Barons Court Estate, Co. Tyrone

Sentry Hill, Co. Antrim

Barons Court Estate is the private residence of the 5th Duke of Abercorn and his family. Ulster’s finest home is not usually open to the public, making it a unique yet important stop on our tour.

Three Scottish brothers and sons of Lord Claud Hamilton of Paisley, near Glasgow, were granted estates in Ulster during the early 17th century. The oldest brother, James, was the Earl of Abercorn in 1606 and it is from him that the present Duke of Abercorn descends.

An intriguing history of ownership feuds follows the Barons Court Estate until 1868 when the 1st Duke of Abercorn was crowned. Setting up for the current and following regions as the Duke of Abercorn to enjoy this magnificent stately home…

General Ross Monument, Co. Down

Sentry Hill, Co. Antrim

Born and bred in Rostrevor Co. Down, British Army Major General Robert Ross will forever be remembered as the man who burned down the White House. He led troops to set ablaze public buildings such as the Capitol, Washington Navy Yard and, most infamously, the President’s Mansion.

The Burning of Washington took place in 1814, during the War of 1812 between British forces and the United States of America. It was the only time that a foreign power captured and occupied Washington.

Ross was shot and killed in the Battle of Baltimore less than a month after a triumphant Ross led his victorious combatants to the American capital. Shortly after learning of his death in 1814, the British Parliament voted to erect a monument to General Ross in St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

Cemented in history, the General Ross Monument stands in the spot where Ross planned to build his retirement home upon his return from America.  An enlightening visit which is beautiful by location, thanks to uninterrupted views of Carlingford Lough and the Mourne Mountains, it is little wonder how this area inspired C.S Lewis’s famous series…

Siege Museum, Londonderry~Derry

Co. Londonderry~Derry

March 2016 marked the official opening of the Siege Museum & Exhibition, a permanent display of the history of The Siege of Derry-Londonderry which ran from 1688 – 1689 and was part of the wider Williamite War waged between the Protestant William of Orange and the Catholic King James II.

See the a sword belonging to Siege hero Adam Murray, the statute of Rev George Walker who was Governor during the Great Siege of 1689 and the cannon balls, musket shot and medals commemorating the reformation of the Apprentice Boys in 1814.

This interpretative center also showcases the history of the Associated Clubs of the Apprentice Boys of Derry and the finest collection of meeting rooms used by the ‘Loyal Orders’, this promises to be an engaging, educating and enriching experience…

Sentry Hill, Co. Antrim


Sentry Hill is a 19th century farmhouse in Co. Antrim is long associated with the McKinney family, who arrived from Scotland in the early 1700’s. William Fee McKinney of Sentry Hill was born in Antrim in 1832 and lived in Sentry Hill for much of his life and from an early age, worked hard to develop the farm.

Keen to preserve traditions and to document a particular way of life, William collected and recorded his life providing a fascinating insight into life in Ulster during the reign of Queen Victoria. Diaries, family letters, books, photos and pamphlets all survived the years past to offer a firsthand account of a typical County Antrim Presbyterian farmer.

This remarkable collection has survived intact telling the story of one incredible Victorian gentleman, his family and community.

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