Delighted to present Ireland, Iceland & Scotland with Celebrity Cruises, this amazing adventures couples Iceland, one of today’s most in demand travel destinations, with the buzzing cities and wild coastlines of Ireland and the unsurpassed landscapes and famed traditional music of Scotland.

An unforgettable introduction to three of Europe’s most popular countries, we recommend three useful tips to get the most out of your cruise experience…

1) Research Your Ports

While on board your new home, you find everything you’ll need – an extraordinary choice of dining options, endless entertainment and casual outdoor activities. But what about your port days?

Plan ahead and do your research. To make the most of your visit in port, investigate the shore excursions available or research the attractions, restaurants and bars that will make a real difference to your vacation. 

2) Pack Smart

Ireland, Iceland and Scotland share more in common than their last four letters. These three countries tend to experience unpredictable weather conditions throughout the year. In fact, the weather often enhances the background of each country, each famed for their diverse beauty.

Pack smart and avoid unwanted sweatshirts by checking the obvious, the weather. Keep in mind the dress code on board and for sightseeing, layering is an excellent idea and can often save the day – a lightweight waterproof jacket is as valuable as comfortable shoes for sightseeing and flip-flops when on board.

3) Consider a Pre-Night & Extend the Fun

Extend the fun of your vacation by arriving a day earlier than your departure date. Bypass the pre-departure nerves and forget about those timely travel disruptions by starting to enjoy your well-earned vacation sooner.

It’s a great way to explore a place you otherwise have limited time in, especially when the pre-departure city just happens to be Ireland’s capital, Dublin. This city has an untouchable reputation as a world-renowned destination and with someone for everyone, it would be the best way to kick start your vacation.  

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