4 Reasons to Visit Tralee for Rose of Tralee Festival

Ireland’s longest running festival sets-up shop in Tralee, Co. Kerry for it’s annual takeover every and invites a global audience to celebrate their Irish heritage united together. Whether you are considering applying, supporting or just being apart of the action, find out why you should make your way to Tralee next season…

1) It’s more than just a Festival

Ireland’s long running festival hasn’t escaped modern Ireland and social change. It is evident over the past few years the event organizers are trying to create a more cultural experience for everyone involved in the beauty pageant which actually isn’t not a beauty pageant. The festival is more about celebrating women’s intelligence, careers and their volunteer work and the winner is crowned based on their personality and natural talent to represent Ireland around the world – leave it to the ladies!

Monday and Tuesday of the festival are widely accepted as the most significant festival events, the crowning of the Rose is broadcast in homes across Ireland but this final curtain occasion concludes a week long fiesta in Tralee. Kicking off this year on Wednesday, the festival injects a free spirited atmosphere into Tralee with the help of Kerry and Ireland’s best performers, vendors, retailers and of course, the local characters of Tralee.

2) Location, Location, Location!

The group of local pub goers who invented the festival in 1957 to improve tourism in Tralee must feel awfully proud of themselves. The annual festival is only a weeklong so for the remaining 51 weeks, the county town of Kerry certainly stands alone as a beautiful Irish town packed with all things beautifully Irish. The world renowned town of Killarney famed for its untouchable, authentic hospitality scene is only 30 minutes from Tralee.

Being in the heart of Co. Kerry, one of the most famous and beautiful of Ireland’s 32 counties, also has its perks – just ask the cast and crew of Star Wars who filmed at the UNESCO Heritage Site, Kellig Michael. With Killarney National Park, Dingle Peninsula, Ring of Kerry are all here, is it any wonder 1 in 3 Americans travelling to Ireland visit ‘The Kingdom’ of Co. Kerry.

3) Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way could be the next best thing coming out of Ireland next to Guinness & Jameson. The Wild Atlantic Way is a tourism trail on the west coast of Ireland which runs from Donegal to Cork. A trip along one of the world’s longest defined coastal routes is all about finding a new Irish delight ahead of every bend.

Stars of the Wild Atlantic Way are within easy reach from Tralee. Co. Clare, Cork and Limerick are just 2 hours away whilst you can reach Galway City in 2 and a half.  Time flies on this route as simply, the backdrop along the way can just be as awarding as the destination. Considering Ireland is just 300 miles from top to bottom, the detour possibilities really are endless…

4) Join the Global Celebration of Irish Heritage

At its core, Rose of Tralee is an international celebratory event of Irish heritage. It connects the global Irish Diaspora with their Irish culture as Irish communities, whether that be in Ireland, United States, Europe, United Arab Emirates or Australasia, are welcomed into Tralee and represented in the festival.

200,000 visitors come from every corner of the globe to embark on Tralee for the unique festivities and celebration of identity, unity and empowerment. From a solo traveler to a family, the Rose of Tralee has something for everyone, making it the perfect reason to uncover what your heritage means to you…

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