The Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way is an adventurous tag on Ireland become more and better known, causing visitors, Dublin and the rest of the isle to act alike and take notice. The Wild Atlantic Way exposed a more grassed rooted Ireland, some might say surprisingly rich in traditional Irish culture as it is contemporary.

With reports of 1 in 3 Americans having visited idyllically rural Co. Kerry and a Galway, reaching levels as a renowned global destination, is a special visit for many if not all.  The Wild Atlantic Way acted with purpose and understatement. It relied on honest welcomes to visitors from all walks of the world and word of that grew.

Thanks to its people, the Wild Atlantic Way is a just environment with endless possibilities, set amongst fierce yet forever comforting coastal backdrops. If you are thinking of an adventure on the Wild Atlantic Way, it’s useful to check out what counties are causing the stir and causing ripples across the Emerald Isle.

1) Co. Kerry

Kerry, known as ‘The Kingdom’ and one of the most famous and beautiful of Ireland’s 32 counties, is home to the friendliest locals, the greatest collections of pubs and an array of attractions that are as uniquely diverse as its landscape.

It’s becoming an unmissable destination thanks in part to the jewels found on-shore, like on back of a jaunting cart at Killarney National Park or in the middle of jaw dropping scenery Dingle Peninsula, and equally off-shore, such as Fungi, the resident Dolphin, or Skellig Michael, the local landmark turned Holywood star thanks to Star Wars. The Kindgom is calling! 

​2) Cork City

Cork has certainly put its self on the map. Locals here bantered for years that Cork City was Ireland ‘Real Capital’. And it wasn’t lying as the masses in recent years have come to discover. Beautiful by location, this coastal county is helping visitors fond memories of Ireland in the Rebel County. 

Though Cork City is more often referred to as Ireland’s second city, it never settled  in the proudness of its people and their ability to offer real and raw experiences at the likes of The English Market, thought of as ‘the best covered market in the UK and Ireland’ or The Old Jameson Distillery. And just in time, the wider Cork area had perfected their skills to showcase to the world unique experiences in Kinsale or Cobh – check it out next time you are south…

3) Clare

Clare, the quiet edge Ireland’s west coast, came out of nowhere and it’s not surprising why. Though rural by location, this part of the isle is graced with inspiring sites like The Burren National Park, an eco-dreamland of rocky terrain, St. Brigid’s Well, a sacred memorial, and PollnaBrone Dolmen, one of few portal tombs. Equally, you will find forward thinking locals, who are equally if not more welcoming, doing great things at Bunratty Castle or Durty Nelly’s.

With the majestically serious Cliffs of Moher, attracting nearly 1.5 million visitors in 2016 thanks to their stunning views, located beside Doolin ‘the traditional music capital of Ireland’, a place you can’t help but sit back, smile and relax – it’s the perfect example of a destination unveiling all of Ireland’s greatest assets. It’s doing this with brilliance and getting all the credit it deserves – try it for yourself…    

4) Galway 

Co. Galway was once known across Ireland as the most rural of rural places. In fact, Galway’s stunning natural heritage and way of life out in unmissable Connemara helped preserved traditional roots making this one of few remaining areas to speak the Irish language as first tongue.  

But this fairly customary and peaceful way of life is the perfect way to balance a city full of brilliance, vibrancy and life. Galway City is a place of fun because it is so easy to those traditional pubs, hear that live music jig or reveal in that renowned dinner dish. A previous blog dedicated to this city may conclude this, Galway’s reputation for first class hospitality and endearing local characters shines as brightly as the charming rainbow-colored street. Don’t miss out!

Wild Atlantic Way Must-Sees

The Cliffs of Moher 

Ireland’s most visited natural tourist attraction is located in Clare and needs no introduction. The majestic Cliffs of Moher are a standout visit for any degree of globe trotter…



Oscar Wilde put it fittingly when he said ‘Connemara is a savage beauty’. Located just west from Galway City, the Connemara region is a real emerald of Ireland producing unforgettable experiences for many…

Ring of Kerry

It only takes second for the circular route of the Ring of Kerry to work its magic. However you see it, car, bike, by foot or even by jaunting cart, it’s wild landscapes, untouched beaches and inspiring mountain ranges set-up for those magic moments…


Titanic Experience Cobh

The story of Irish Emigration at its best, this Cork museum tells of the ill-fated Titanic, Irish naval and military history. Based in a restored railway station, this is sure to be an engaging and at times emotive stop…

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