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Ireland Vacation Packages - Vacation


Round up your family and friends and get set to tick Ireland and more off your bucket list.  Let us take care of your group with a stress-free planning experience – you will be sitting with a Guinness in no time.

Ireland Vacation Packages - Leisure


The famed landscapes of Ireland make for a wonderful playground. Renowned for golf, arts, yoga, photography and more, enjoy your hobby internationally in exquisite settings perfect for you on the Emerald Isle.

Ireland Vacation Packages - Eastern Nazarene College Ireland

​Schools & Universities

From research and music programs to athletics and sports tournaments, we are take care of your trip and guarantee to make these international experiences as enriching, educational and fun as possible.

Ireland Vacation Packages - Three Heads Castle in Dunlough, Co. Cork

Family Heritage

We appreciate the significance of a family group seeking their Irish identity. We work closely with clients to develop itineraries evolved from unique family dynamics, personal interests and group budgets.

Ireland Vacation Packages - Knock Group Pilgrimage

Religious Pilgrimage

Irish priest lead groups from across the United States continuously rely on us for new and exciting itineraries for their annual group travel programs to Ireland, Europe & Beyond.

Ireland Vacation Packages - Midwest Young Artists Conservatory Orchestra at the Guild Hall in Derry

​Music Groups

From rock bands to orchestras – we have been there and got the t-shirt so you guys only need to remember your instruments. Trust in us to assist on a musician’s tour that plays as hard as it works.

Ireland Vacation Packages - Cycle Tour at the Dark Hedges in Antrim

​Sports Club

Test your skills out with some local teams for competitive matches or leisurely games and let us combine sports and culture to create unforgettable lessons and memories on and off the field.

Ireland Vacation Packages - Leading Cities Economic Group at Croke Park in Dublin

​Professional Organizations

Attending an international conference? Rely on us help you strength your business relationships with a conveniently customized trip to accommodate your group budget, purpose, interest and expectations.

Cara Group Travel operates group travel with a deliberate difference for groups with a:

Variety of travel purposes. 

Range of budgets.

Size of min. 10 people.

Heading to Ireland and other destinations.

We are ‘Always Original’ for a reason. Discover it for yourself.

Have Trip Specifics?

If you know where you have to be but are unsure how you will get there – fear not!

Get advice and information from one of our group travel experts to get you one step closer…


Need Trip Ideas?

Anyone who has ever asked for directions knows you need two crucial pieces of information to get good results: a starting point and a destination.

If Ireland is your destination, call this your starting point for Emerald Isle inspiration…


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